Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Latest Dota Imba v3.78c and v3.79e English Version + New Heroes + New Items + Max lvl 255

Here you will download Dota Imba v3.79E English Stable For Free
+ the old version of Dota Imba v3.78C English Stable

The difference is AI new Heroes is FIX
2 New items Release
1 New Recipe Update
Cheaper Desolator

2 New Items

1 New Recipe

Dota Imba v3.78C English Stable

Dota Imba v3.79E English Stable

IF PASSWORD ASK PUT THIS : latestdotaimba.blogspot.com

:If see this wait and skip:


-ar: All Random Heroes
-ak: Award Skill (Additional Random Skill) Note: Some Heroes are not affected by this mode
-rs: Random Skill
-bb: Backdoor Ban (Hitting towers with no enemy creeps nearby will make the tower invincible)
-dm: Death Match
-nd: No Deathtime
-fn Neutrals spawn every 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
-fr: Fast Respawn of Heroes reduce by 50%
-fe Roshan and forest creeps randomly drop items on death.
-sa Every hero starts with random stats and stat gains.
-st: Super Towers (fast regen towers)
-sl Every hero loses one skill (including stats).
-ss Every hero loses their original skills and gains 4 random skills like in OMG or LOD.
-rb 8 random heroes are banned
-cc Creeps are able to become hero AIs (last hit, deny, avoid tower, level up, change lanes).
-ce Every hero gets increased movement speed, regeneration, damage, and all bonuses from the fountain.
-ca Able to attack your teammates. AIs attack themselves in fountain straight off. You are also able to get First Blood and experience by killing allies.
-ox Spawns the Onyxia, the boss of imba, in the center of the map.
-ay Both teams share vision and everyone gets 9999999 gold
-id drop one item when hero dies
-pm able to use all items although they’re not yours


you will not affect by the SL
AI is cheater in DM they regain the heroes skill + 5 randoms skill - 1Skill for the SL mode

NOTE: Some modes are orb effect meaning some modes are conflict with another modes. So if this is your 1st time to type mode pause the game

TIPS: After typing the mode type -UL
it gives you unlimited level and max lvl is 255 See my pugna below

Enjoy Playing :D
Play it with your friends :D